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Scooby and the Gang are on holiday, but there's still a mystery to solve! Travel around the world to chase down the baddie - and find all the fun things to do along the way! There have also not been any games like it here before, meaning you are in for a treat. Now we will continue the article by teaching you what to do, which will help you play the game with a lot of ease! Click on a flag in order to explore a new country. In each of them, there is plenty to see and interesting things for you to discover. To revisit anything from the map, simply click on the suitcase. That is everything that you need to know about the game, and now that you know how it works, give it a go right now, have a great time play this game only on

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Be Cool Scooby Doo: World of Mystery
Be Cool Scooby Doo: World of Mystery
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