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1 Người chơi, Bắn súng, Lái xe, Giả lập, Mua Thiết bị Nâng cấp, Xe hơi, 3D, Timing, Miễn phí, Unity3D, WebGL | thêm ngày 05 Jul 2019
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    Drag to rotate camera

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Build an unbreakable car. In the game, you can show your skills in building incredible vehicles, for this you have access to more blocks, such as wheels of different types and purposes, turrets, machine guns, rocket launchers, rocket engines, and armor. Fight with opponents on terra tech and win, victory will not be easy. The game has two types of events, the first is the derby and in this battle, every man for himself, the opponents will increase their weapon power and speed, so do not lag behind. In the second event, you will find a huge number of tests, here you need to be smart to craft a suitable vehicle for passing.

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Block Tech: Epic Sandbox Car Craft Simulator
Block Tech: Epic Sandbox Car Craft Simulator
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