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Arcade, Nhiều người chơi, Mua Thiết bị Nâng cấp, Đường phố, Thu thập, 3D, Timing, Miễn phí, Unity3D, WebGL, io Games, Vật lý, Trận chiến vương quyền, Hyper-Casual | thêm ngày 25 Nov 2019
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Thông tin: is a 2018 arcade physics puzzle game with battle royale mechanics created by French studio Voodoo. combines several gameplay mechanics. In Classic mode, the player's objective is to become the largest black hole by the end of a two minute round by travelling around the area and consuming trees, humans, cars and other objects which fall into the black hole if appropriately sized. Gradually the hole becomes larger and capable of sucking in buildings and smaller black holes. If an object is too big it will not fall in and might block the way preventing other objects from going through. Players need to utilize the game's real time physics to their advantage and optimize their path for effective growth. Other black holes can consume the player's hole resulting in "death" and respawning several seconds later
"Battle" mode is a battle royale mode that pits players against each other with the goal of being the last hole standing. While players can still consume the environment, the goal is to eliminate all other holes.
The simple mechanics of the game put it in the hyper-casual genre.
Players are awarded points at the end of each round that count toward their level. Each level unlocks new skins to customize the hole's appearance. Other skins can also be unlocked by performing certain tasks within the game.

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