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Quân đội, 1 Người chơi, Flash, Mua Thiết bị Nâng cấp, Android, HTML5, Di động, iPhone, iPad, Cảm ứng | thêm ngày 18 Nov 2008
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First a Flash game released in November 2008, Kingdom of the Wind, a strategic defense game developed by Rudy Sudarto the creator of, among others, the Epic War series of games and Ninja Dogs. It has since been adapted with HTML5 technology and is still playable despite the discontinuation of Flash Player, even on mobile!

Your castle is under threat from a powerful enemy. As the leader of the wind warriors, you must defend the castle from destruction. Set up units and turrets to establish a strong defense and protect the area. In case of damage, you can repair the castle. Also get upgrades for your units, whether in attack or defense. During the fight, balance the Mana available with the defenses to be put in place. You must be able to absorb every enemy attack. At the end of each day, you will receive experience points, which will allow you to upgrade and buy turrets and units. It's up to you to manage these points well and establish the best possible strategy!

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